Posted by: secretagent39 | November 14, 2010

The One About My Hair. Again.

It’s naturally curly, semi-blonde, and totally outta control.  I like it like that but I forget what it’s like to be in a humid environment.  I was in Dallas last week and, despite my best efforts, looked like Harpo Marx sans hat all the live-long-day.  Only not so blonde… not so funny… and slightly more honky-ing.

I walked around for a week exclaiming, “Can you FEEL that humidity?  MMMmmm-Mmmm.  Can you feel that?”  Now that I’m back in The Burque’, I’m walking around complaining, “Good Lord it’s dry here!!” and then I zap myself on a dog, or a doorknob, or someone’s lips.  Kissing is dangerous in the Desert Southwest.  In fact, touching anything is dangerous.  One Spark; One Love; One big fat ZAP!

This morning we were roused by the usual (Charlie running across our bladders.) and lazily filed into the kitchen for breakfast.  I made toast and Cream of Wheat.  I made a point of talking about how much iron is in the cereal and my little Iron Men ate it all up.  I told them it was good for them and would help them get their chores done quickly. 

Dead Silence.  The “C” word works every time.

Then the following conversation ensued:

Gabriel: “Shawn’s been telling an awful lot of blonde jokes, Miss Natalie.”  (He’s always trying to get Shawn in trouble.)

Shawn: “I have NOT!  Miss Natalie?  Gabriel’s lying. He’s the one who’s been telling blonde jokes!” (Always in competition with his brother even if it means getting into more trouble.  Not the brightest box of peroxide on the shelf.)

Me: “Yes you have, Shawn.  But they’ve been pretty funny. It’s cool.  You’re not hurtin’ my feelings.”

Shawn: “Yeah, but Gabriel’s been telling blonde jokes, too.”

Gabriel: “No, Shawn; I AM the blonde joke.”  (Delivered in a perfect deadpan tone.)

Angela and I burst out laughing because, you see, this is so very true.  He IS the blonde of the group.  However, he IS a Smart Blonde.  Charlie is a Smart Blonde, too.  They make the perfect dynamic duo.

The boys are now doing their chores and to illustrate his Smart Blonde mentality, Gabriel has devised a little game.  He calls it Speed Sweeping.  He bet his brothers that one of them was faster than the other at sweeping up the leaves.  His brothers are heavily engaged in a contest while Gabriel has retired to the restroom.  (The best legitimate excuse for sitting and waiting it out.)

I may just hire that kid….


Yep, Situational Leadership at its finest.

My little Smart Blondes:


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