Posted by: secretagent39 | October 17, 2010

New Additions

Welcome Charlie.  Lulu was very, very lonely and bugging me to death so…

I went out and found her a new friend.

He’s quite the character but loves Lulu to death and she really, really likes him, too.  And I can actually rest when I come home versus all that walking, talking, wrestling, playing ball, and entertaining of pets.

He’s a lithe, little thing but fierce when he wants to be.  I found him on Craigslist.  A woman was trying to re-home him because she had too many kids, two cats, a husband, a job, and Charlie was just too much for her.  He has some manners and we are working on that daily.  He sneaks into my bed at night and I don’t even know he’s there.  Except for the hair.  *sigh*  He and Kitty Q are working out their relationship: he chases, Kitty Q hisses and scratches.  This morning, however, I caught Q trying to rub on him.  Uh huh. Coupla tough guys… my patootie.

By Day 3 he was *Home* and acted like he’s lived here forever.

And that’s what it will be…


I heart Charlie.



  1. He’s cute: congratulations!

  2. Thanks Richard! He’s a doll, too. After all the doggie-drama from the last several months, it’s nice to just enjoy their energy and have some fun.
    I still miss Mojo and wish I could find him.
    Lulu is happy to have the company.
    Q… Not so much.

  3. New member of the family!!! Cute!! Glad Charlie is making himself at home.

  4. He’s beyond cute. So glad for Lulu. he looks like he has personality plus.

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